Standard Wedding Photography-

It is a walkthrough of all the key moments during the wedding and all the other rituals. It is documentation in the best possible way. It covers the grandeur with some subtle artistry and ensures that every moment is captured- be it capturing a group picture with the couple or wedding rituals or catching a dear friend red-handed stuffing too much of that buffet!

Candid Wedding Photography-

Every wedding has a story behind it, and through our cameras we narrate that tale in a very wonderful manner. As a candid wedding photographer I’ll be your eyes throughout the ceremony, snapping shots of seemingly mundane activities and elevating them to an art form! Full frame DSLR's (5D mark 3) with L series lenses specially meant for candid works will be used for candid wedding photography.

Standard Wedding Video-

Standard Wedding video will include a compilation of all footage taken on one full day of the wedding. That includes the candid moments, group snaps, bride and groom’s candid and posed shots, rituals etc. All videos will be done on FULL HD (1080p) cameras, ensuring quality output. An edited and mixed final output will be given with befitting background music and titles. The duration of the final output will range approximately from 60-90 minutes per day.

Pre or Post wedding Photography-

The couple will be photographed at a scenic location (One or many) few weeks prior or post to the wedding. This will be an exclusive couple shoot, where props, poses, storylines and different themes are utilized to make it more interesting.

Cinematic Video-

It will be shot on full frame DSLRs with apt lenses taking combinations of close and wide shots of same event with multiple camera setup, slow motion shots etc thus giving it a cinema feel. It will include all the candid footage, various rituals, bytes (interviews) of the couple and family members or friends complied in a short time span of roughly 20 mins, along with a 5 mins teaser. The video will be compiled and edited in a way that it emulates the experience of watching the entire event like a short-movie. For best outputs and shots, Sliders, Glidecam, GoPro, Helicams etc will be used.

Photo booth-

People love to be photographed! And when they have come for your wedding with the best wardrobe and preparations, they would love to get clicked. To make those baaratis feel like stars, we assign a photographer to capture images with light setups at a separate section. The interesting thing of the setup is the inclusion of props and various backgrounds. This section makes sure that everyone feels special and with some stunning pictures available, people remember your wedding as ‘that’ wedding where they looked so good!